Alcohol: Keep A Lid On It State Project Webinar

April 20, 2021 1:00PM EST/ 12:00PM CST



  • Tara McGuire, Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Specialist, New Vista Prevention Center
  • Deanna Bentley, Project Coordinator, Division of Behavioral Health Prevention and Promotion Branch

DESCRIPTION: This webinar will inform prevention staff and community volunteers about a new statewide prevention project called "Alcohol: Keep A Lid On It." The project was created in response to a COVID-19 Governor's Executive Order that went into effect last spring 2020, permitting alcohol-to-go from restaurants, bars and other by-the-drink alcohol licensees. The Executive Order was passed to provide some relief to the hospitality industry impacted by the pandemic, but presents some added risk for accidental consumption, youth access to alcohol, and impaired driving.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: "Alcohol: Keep A Lid On It" is a new statewide prevention project in which prevention staff and volunteers encourage local businesses selling alcohol-to-go to place a prevention label/s on alcohol-to-go cups/containers sold by their establishment.  Two label designs are available - a stop sign and tamper resistant seal label.  The project goals are as follows:

  1. PREVENT ACCIDENTAL ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION - Both labels are designed to make it apparent the beverage contains alcohol to reduce the risk of an underage youth, person in recovery or another adult not wishing to drink alcohol from accidentally consuming the beverage thinking it was a non-alcoholic drink.
  1. PREVENT SOCIAL YOUTH ACCESS TO ALCOHOL - The labels also discourage adults from providing alcohol to minors with the message "We don't sell to minors. Thank you for not buying for minors."
  1. PREVENT IMPAIRED DRIVING - The tamper evident seal label makes it apparent if someone opens the alcohol-to-go cup to discourage alcohol impaired driving, increase enforcement of state and federal Open Container Laws, and put customer's minds at ease their beverages were not tampered with or opened once made during transport/delivery.