Underage Drinking Enforcement Free Online Learning Courses

FREE Federal Distant eLearning Courses for Law Enforcement on Underage Drinking Enforcement and Prevention presented by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP):

Conducting Compliance Check Operations (click here)

Course Description:

This four-hour online training provides basic guidelines and operational information on reducing sales of alcohol to underage purchasers through compliance investigations of alcohol retailers. The course presents rationales for carrying out these investigations and emphasizes the importance of reducing youth access to alcohol thereby reducing youth related crime in the community and improving the quality of life.

Course Objective:

To train newly hired or experienced officers to utilize their existing alcohol laws or ordinances as an operational tool to prevent underage access to alcohol from commercial sources.

Controlled Party Dispersal (click here)

Course Description:

This 6-hour training discusses the role of enforcement and community agencies in preventing underage drinking parties and safely dispersing them when they do occur.  It describes the problem of underage drinking in general and youth drinking parties in particular.  This course recognizes that to be successful, any underage drinking strategy must be supported by law enforcement, the judiciary and the community.  Consequently, this course examines not only the mechanics of successful controlled party dispersal operations, but also how controlled party dispersal is part of a larger effort to focus investigations, change community perceptions and promote joint law enforcement and community efforts.  This course includes information on conducting controlled party dispersal operations, legal strategies, marketing and media and police – community roles and relationships.

Course Objective:

At the end of this course participants will understand the basic components necessary for a successful controlled party dispersal operation.  Participants will understand the components of a successful overarching underage drinking strategy and the need to develop a specific strategy around their controlled party dispersal operations.

Environmental Strategies (click here)

Course Description:

This two-hour online training is designed to increase the participant's skill level and understanding of environmental prevention practices and share effective strategies for States, Territories, and/or communities to address alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems from an environmental standpoint. This is a self-paced course that allows the attendee to come and go from the course at their leisure.

Course Objective:

To train officers and community members to recognize the difference between individually focused prevention and environmental prevention; understand the importance of taking an environmental approach to address AOD problems; and provide concrete examples of effective environmental strategies.

Techniques for Managing Special Events (click here)

Course Description:

This two-hour training identifies the complex nature of a special event and the need for effective planning, proper management, policy application, and enforcement at the event.  The importance of including all appropriate stakeholders in each phase of the event is emphasized.  The training demonstrates how alcohol at a special event increases the event’s complexity and how implementation of various alcohol policies, and the enforcement of those policies, can be effective in curtailing the alcohol-related problems often associated with such events. The outcomes of poor planning and the effects of zero tolerance are also reviewed.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, participants will understand the basic components of planning and executing a special event where alcohol is present, particularly the steps necessary to reduce youth access to alcohol.  Participants will also understand the importance of policy implementation and event evaluation.

Using Community Volunteers to Support Prevention & Enforcement of Underage Drinking (click here)

Training Summary

This 2-hour course explores the value and effective means of using community volunteers to support both the prevention and enforcement of underage drinking. The use of volunteers can serve as a force multiplier in communities where enforcement resources are stretched thin. The course looks at the recruitment, selection, training, use, supervision, and assessment of these community volunteers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn potential recruitment sources for community volunteers
  • Realize the importance of an appropriate screening process for potential volunteers
  • Understand the necessity for task-specific training of volunteers
  • Know many tasks that can be assigned to volunteers in both prevention and support of enforcement of underage drinking