What is our purpose today?

▪ Today is about having some face-to-face time with legislators.

▪ We want them to associate US— you, me, KAPA and our partners— as Prevention Experts who care about the issues.

▪ We are trying to develop Name Recognition, as individuals and as KAPA participants.

▪ We want our legislators to KNOW that Prevention is COST EFFICIENT— the SOONER we address issues, the more money and resources are saved, and the better the outcomes

▪ We want them to know there is a large group of people represented by KAPA and by Prevention— their constituents.

▪ WE want them to know we are behind them in their efforts to provide the BEST environment and HEALTHIEST communities for youth, families and community members.

▪ We are there to have gratitude for the legislators and for them taking the opportunity to meet with us and identify our passion as REAL.

▪ We are here to be friendly, talk to legislators about what’s important to us, and let them know Prevention MUST be a part of any substance abuse issue.


Kentucky Alcohol Policy Alliance (KAPA) Partners are:

  • Drug-Free CommunityKAPA-_Together_Everyone_Achieves_More.png Grantees
  • KY Prevention Enhancement Sites
  • KY Prevention Network (KPN)
  • KY Safety and Prevention Alignment Network (KSPAN)
  • KY Teen Institute of YMCA
  • Local Agency for Substance Abuse Policy Boards (ASAP)
  • Local Health Departments
  • Local School Systems
  • Northern KY University
  • Regional Prevention Centers (RPC)
  • Youth Empowerment Groups