Kentucky Prevention Week

2015 Infographic Contest to Reduce Underage Drinking in Kentucky


03_right_side_of_the_road-childress-_2015_Infographic_Contest-_Middle_School_Division.pngWHAT            Infographic Contest hosted by the Kentucky Alcohol Policy Alliance and the Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Site, and sponsored by Kentucky's Regional Prevention Centers.

WHO               Middle and high school Kentucky youth created and submitted online infographics messages related to underage drinking prevention.  The winners were announced on the Alcohol PES Facebook and Twitter Social Media Accounts, and requested to contact Bluegrass Regional Prevention Center to claim their statewide gift card prize. 

WHEN             April 2015

*Note: This youth contest to reduce underage drinking in Kentucky has ended, thank you to everyone who participated and assisted with the event.  If you would like more information please contact the Alcohol PES at


Map_Vacant_Package_Liquor_Licenses_by_Region_-_Copy.png1st Annual KY Prevention Week

Dec. 8-14th, 2013

Final Project Report, written by Tara McGuire, State Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Site Manager


Kentucky Prevention Week (December 8-14, 2013) was a successful statewide effort sponsored by KAPA (Kentucky Alcohol Policy Alliance) to educate Kentucky's state legislators on how the Judge Heyburn ruling, if upheld, could dramatically change the landscape on which alcohol is sold in Kentucky and make it more accessible to youth under-21. This week provided an opportunity for community agencies and individuals to work together to educate legislators about the negative consequences of underage and high-risk drinking.


KAPA volunteers representing 93-counties (78%) signed up to meet with 130 of 136 (96%) KY Legislators (does not include two vacant seats), and provide education material on a public health issue effecting youth access to alcohol in Kentucky.

The following Regional Prevention Centers assisted to reach 100% of the legislators in their region:

  1. REGION 1-- Four Rivers Behavioral Health RPCKAPA_Image-_Every_accomplishment.png
  2. REGION 2—Pennyroyal RPC
  3. REGION 3-- RiverValley Behavioral Health RPC
  4. REGION 4-- LifeSkills RPC
  5. REGION 6-- Seven Counties RPC
  6. REGION 8-- Comprehend, Inc. RPC
  7. REGION 11-- Mountain Comprehensive Care RPC
  8. REGION 12—KY River Community Care RPC
  9. REGION 14-- Adanta RPC
  10. REGION 15-- Bluegrass RPC

Packet Distribution:

1,000 Kentucky Prevention Week packets were printed.  The packets were requested and distributed statewide to ASAP Boards and other community groups; RPCs, and volunteers planning to meet with their local legislators during Kentucky Prevention Week.  Copies of these materials are also available at the Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Site (PES) website (  

Packets included Talking Points; a Kentucky Prevention Week Flyer and State Map Insert Card showing available packaged spirits and wine licenses materials to provide to legislators during meetings; and a list of total and vacant packaged spirits and wine licenses by wet county/ moist city.

Volunteer Experiences:

Numerous volunteers shared success stories from their meetings with legislators during Kentucky Prevention Week.  Although it was not possible highlight every story, some of the volunteers shared their experiences during KAPA Meetings and statewide conference calls.  The following stories were captured in the Nov. 25, 2013, and Jan. 8, 2014, KAPA Meeting Minutes described below. 

  • “Donna Wiesenhahn (Bluegrass RPC Director) discussed her meeting with Representative Kelly Flood.  She and Lynsey met with Representative Flood on Friday, November 22nd.  Rep. Flood seemed interested in the fact that this a statewide public health issue.  In the end, Rep. Flood said that she understood the concerns, but that she had to listen to her constituents who wanted wine in grocery stores.”


  • “Jo Ann Tapp with the Pennyroyal RPC discussed her youth coalition’s meeting with Representative Dossett during Kentucky Prevention Week.  The students were teens that attended the Green River Teen Leadership Conference held in Owensboro November 8th and 9th.  Jo Ann said the students were amazing, and shared their concern about underage drinking and the increased use of marijuana.  Representative Dossett was impressed by the youth group, and expressed he was “not” in favor expanding alcohol sales/ outlet density and very much in support of small business owners of package stores which he felt would be impacted if larger retail stores were allowed to sell distilled spirits.  Jo Ann also discussed the work done in California, primarily led by youth to reclassify malt liquor (Alcopops) and her interest in bringing that issue to light in Kentucky.”


  • “Tara McGuire (Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Site (PES) Manager) reported on behalf of Marshall County ASAP Board Chair Wendy Baxter and Director Lois Rogalski met with Representative Coursey during Kentucky Prevention Week to address underage drinking risks as well as the possibility of wine and liquor sales in grocery and convenience stores.   Ellen Walsh (Four Rivers Behavioral Health RPC Director) added finding a time to meet the Representative was not an easy task, but when the opportunity to meet with him at the Marshall County Fiscal Court’s Christmas Dinner came up Wendy and Lois were ready.”