Parenting Resources & Facts


  1. Alcohol is the No. 1 Youth Drug Problem in Kentucky (KIP SURVEY, 2014; NIAAA, 2012)

  2. The World Health Organization indicates alcohol is the world's third largest risk factor for disease burden.

  3. DEATH: On average, alcohol is a factor in the deaths of approximately 4,300 youth in the United States per year (CDC, 2013).

  4. BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Alcohol damages the developing brain, heart and liver (NIH, 2013)

  5. 02-_Addiction_age_of_onset_increases_risk-_web.pngDEPENDENCE: The younger teens drink the more likely they are to become alcohol dependent and drinking drivers (NIH, 2013).

  6. MEMORY LOSS: 1 in 6 KY 12th-graders have reported blacking out from drinking or drug use (KIP SURVEY, 2014)

  7. Alcohol is implicated in homicide, suicide, unintended pregnancies, crime, violence, educational failure, and other problem behaviors; all of which are magnified by early onset of teen drinking (PIRE, 2011).  

  8. Every_3_Minutes.jpgOn average, EVERY THREE MINUTES someone under the legal drinking age in the U.S. has to go to the ER because they drank underage. (SAMHSA DRUG ABUSE WARNING NETWORK, 2011)

  9. Most underage drinkers reported drinking in a private residence verses in a restaurant, bar, park, or vehicle (SAMHSA, CBHYSQ, NSDUH, Special Data Analysis, 2012). 

  10. 40% of those who reported having started drinking before age-15 reported alcohol dependence at some point in their lives, a percentage that was 4x higher than that reported by those who started drinking at age-21 (Grant and Dawson, 1997).