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    Alcohol Marketing & Youth

    A teens world is saturated with alcohol advertisements. These ads are more than just pretty pictures, they are designed to increase sales and brand power.
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Serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky, The Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Specialist empowers the communities of our commonwealth to reduce the harmful consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse, through policy change, best practices for environmental strategies, and sustained community-based support.


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Jul. 17, 2022
2022 CADCA's Mid-Year Training Institute  Learn More ›
Jul. 21, 2022
2022 CADCA's Mid-Year Training Institute  Learn More ›
Sep. 1, 2022
2022 National Recovery Month (September)  Learn More ›
Sep. 30, 2022
2022 National Recovery Month (September)  Learn More ›
Oct. 1, 2022
2022 National Substance Abuse Prevention Month  Learn More ›

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  • Alcohol Home Delivery

    Find alcohol prevention-related research on the topic of alcohol home delivery and direct-to-consumer shipping; including access to minors, age verification procedures by internet vendors, America's three-tier-system for...

  • Higher Education

    Higher Education

    Resources for parents on college underage and high-risk drinking prevention. Don’t let go too soon. College-age students need your guidance…

  • Compliance Checks

    Alcohol Compliance Checks

    Compliance checks are designed to address the retailers who are licensed to sell alcohol and to ensure that they are not providing alcohol to minors under-21. Kentucky underage youth decoys were able to purchase alcohol at...

  • Coaches Initiative

    Coaches Initiative

    This is a training for coaches about the high risks of alcohol and substance use by student-athletes and prevention strategies coaches can use to increase awareness of physiological consequences of underage and binge drinking...